NTE-1224 is an LTE wireless gateway CPE that implements the conversion between LTE wireless data and wired Ethernet data. It supports data backhaul function and can be used independently. The NTE1224 is suited for indoors deploy. NTE-1224 supports the LTE R11 standards, and CAT4 UE category, which provides the stable data, voice,
Wi-Fi, maintenance and management service to home and SOHO user.

Novel Appearance 
NTE-1224 has concise appearance. The LED indicators and ports are distributed on both sides, which are convenient for operating and checking. It applies the vertical rectangular design, that reduce the occupied area, and convenient for using and carrying.

Besides the basic LTE and WLAN functions, NTE-1224 also support voice, SMS, firewall, VPN, QoS and etc. It
satisfies the multi-directional requirements of users. Multiple management and maintenance methods (TR069/Telnet/APP) are convenient for checking and operating. The software online update tool will also constantly provide the upgrade of these functions.

LAN/WAN Transform 
The first ethernet port of NTE-1224 supports the LAN/WAN transform, user can configure the mode manually. When the fixed broadband is enabled, the device can work as a Wi-Fi router through LAN/WAN port access. It protects user investment.

Key Features


 Diagram Scheme 


LTE Antennas 

    • External 2*2 LTE antennas
    • Gain: 3dBi

Wi-Fi Antennas 

    • Internal 2.4GHz antennas
    • Gain: 3dBi

Network Protocols and Features 

    • Connection modes: PPPoE/DHCP/Static
    • IPv4, IPv6, IPv4/IPv6
    • DHCP v4/v6 server
    • Static (v4/v6) routing
    • NAT/ALG/DMZ/virtual server
    • ARP/ICMP/DNS proxy
    • Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS)
    • IGMP snooping and IGMP proxy
    • MLD snooping and MLD proxy
    • SNTP
    • VLAN
    • VPN: PPTP


    • Built-in firewall
    • Defense of DoS、ARP attacks/Port scan
    • DHCP/ARP/IGMP message suppression
    • MAC/URL filtering
    • Inflow/outflow filtering of IP/Protocol/Port

Quality of Service Control 

    • 802.11e WMM
    • Classification of service flow
    • DSCP/802.1 p
    • SP and WRR mode
    • Port/VLAN/ IP rate limitation

          *: developing 

            Wireless LAN 

              • Support 802.11 b/g/n standard
              • 2.4GHz frequency range
              • 20/40 MHz bandwidth
              • Channel adaption
              • MSSID (4) +Guest network
              • WPS: PBC/PIN modes
              • WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK security
              • AP Isolation
              • SSID Isolation
              • SSID and WAN binding


              • SIP/IMS SIP protocol
              • Call forwarding
              • Number hiding
              • Conference
              • Call waiting and call holding


                • Short massage sending and receiving
                • Support extra-long massage

              Operation Modes 

                • Bridge or Routed


                • WebUI local management
                • TR069 remote management
                • Universal Plug and Play (UPnP)
                • Online and local software update
                • Local and remote diagnostic

                    Hardware Specification 

                    Physical Interface 

                      • WAN/LAN ports-RJ45 1GE
                      • Phone ports-RJ11 1FXS
                      • SIM slot
                      • Power port


                      • Wi-Fi Button
                      • WPS Button
                      • Reset Button

                    LED indicators 

                      • Phone indicator
                      • WPS indicator
                      • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi indicator
                      • LAN indicator
                      • Internet indicator
                      • System indicator
                      • LTE indicator
                      • Power indicator

                    Physical specification (without antennas) 

                      • Dimensions: L112mm*H172mm*W45mm
                      • Power consumption: <9W
                      • Weight: about 218.3g

                    Temperature Requirements 

                      • Operating: -10°C~55°C
                      • Storage: -40°C~70°C
                      • Humidity: 0%~95%


                      Main Frequency Selection 
                      Model Spefication Frequency Band
                      1224-07 China/India LTE FDD: B1/3/5/8
                      LTE TDD: B38/39/40/41
                      WCDMA: B1/8
                      TD-SCDMA: B34/39
                      CDMA: BC0
                      GSM: 900/1800 MHz
                      1224-17 China/India LTE FDD: B1/3/5/8
                      LTE TDD: B34/38/39/40/41
                      WCDMA: B1/5/8
                      GSM: 900/1800 MHz
                      1224-04 EMEA/South Korea/Thailand/ India LTE FDD: B1/3/5/7/8/20
                      LTE TDD: B38/40/41
                      WCDMA: B1/5/8
                      GSM: B3/8
                      1224-05 Latin America/Australia/New Zealand LTE FDD: B1/2/3/4/5/7/8/28
                      LTE TDD: B40
                      WCDMA: B1/2/5/8
                      GSM: B2/3/5/8
                      1224-02 North America FirstNet LTE FDD: B2/4/5/12/13/14/66/71
                      WCDMA: B2/4/5
                      1224-06 Japan LTE FDD: B1/3/8/18/19/26
                      LTE TDD: B41
                      WCDMA: B1/6/8/19