With operations monitoring & management capabilities, Nanominds ACS, as a comprehensive operations management tool, offers visibility into an CPE operations – Security, Performance, Management. This visibility into CPE operations helps Technical Support identify and troubleshoot faults at various levels easily, thereby ensuring greater SLA compliance, proactive device fault management and consistent Device performance. Nanominds ACS is a TR-069 Auto Configuration Server (ACS) that enables Telcos and ISPs to manage their devices remotely in a cost-effective SaaS or On Premise System.


Configuration & RPC

  • NANOMINDS ACS fully complies with the TR 069 specifications. ACS can read all parameters node from CPE at any time and generate parameter tree to manage these parameters conveniently.
  • Support all RPC Methods defined by TR069, which can conveniently control CPE remotely.
  • Support parameter template, which is created and deleted by ACS administrators

Complex Services & Diagnostics

  • NANOMINDS ACS supports download, ping, trace route, restart, factory reset and other diagnostic functions.
  • Upgrade firmware/configuration.
  • Modify WAN, such as changing DHCP to PPPoE, configuring VLAN, etc

Setup WAN

  • NANOMINDS ACS can read the currently created WAN configuration from the CPE at any time and display it in a list.
  • Supports adding and deleting WAN objects, including IPTV, VOICE, TR069, INTERNET types.
  • We can also easily edit WAN configuration, including protocol, username and password of PPPoE protocol, enable VLAN , static IP and other attributes.

Batch Task

  • ACS administrators can use the Batch function to execute remote operations for grouped devices, such as reboot, reset, set parameter etc.
  • Support editing task start time, trigger conditions, device range, etc.

Standard and Protocols

  • DSL Forum TR 069, TR 098, TR 104, TR 106, TR 111, TR 135
  • TCP / IP HTTP 1.1 SOAP 1.1
  • SSL 3.0 / TLS 1.0
  • RPC Methods defined by TR 069

Security Access

  • The CPE that has added the device model to the system can connect to the ACS.
  • The CPE that joins the untrusted list cannot access the ACS.
  • The NANOMINDS ACS supports basic and digest authentication, SSL/TLS, and Two way certificate is preferred in ACS.

High Availability and Extensibility

  • STRATOS ACS is deployed in the cloud and can be automatically expanded to ensure the processing performance and stability of the service.
  • By using load balancing and microservice architecture design, ACS can support high concurrent requests and business processing.

Device Management



  • NANOMINDS-ACS supports management of multiple device types, STB, RouteAP, HGW.
  • Serial Number is the unique identification of the device. Device List supports multiple query conditions and online status display.
  • Device details include Base Info, Router Info, TR069 Info.

Status Monitor & Data Analysis Management

  • Monitor status such as Online/Offline, CPU, Memory usage, LAN/WAN/WiFi statistics, Hybrid Tunnel etc.
  • The active growth trend of equipment, showing the proportion of equipment distribution by model and by region.