Smart Agriculture

Manage variations within a field using modern technologies to improve the quality and quantity of crops or livestock while optimizing the human labour required.

With such technologies, farmers can keep an eye on the condition of their fields and decide how best to proceed without ever having to set foot in the field. Based on a more precise and resource-efficient approach, smart agriculture has the potential to increase the overall productivity by producing a more fertile and sustainable form of crop production. Food safety will then be ultimately enhanced through improved food traceability.

Problem Description

The agriculture industry has faced a number of challenges throughout its production, such as climate changes, deteriorated quality of soil and water, increased consumption of natural resources and many other more. With the integration of smart technology to your farming, various facets of the traditional farming practice can be improved tremendously.


The main purpose of sensors are to monitor and identify the quality of the environment by providing data and observing changing trends to ensure the safety of public life and property. The scope of environmental monitoring includes air quality such as carbon monoxide, PM 2.5, temperature, humidity, etc.


IoT Platform

An advanced platform that supports real-time monitoring of a farm environment with the help of various smart sensors designed to detect climate change, soil conditions, crop growth, water and fertiliser use, as well as other aspects of an agricultural production site.

Data collected real-time will be displayed on our comprehensive dashboard, providing farmers with a holistic view of their farm environment using statistical analysis and data reports. The application of threshold setting parameters allows farmers to detect potential impediments that could affect the growth of their crops by triggering alarms or reminders automatically.

Benefits of Our Solution

What you can expect from our services


Visually browse the farm environment data, current alarm status and changing trend.


Based on the threshold setting parameters alarm rules, support SMS, app and Wechat push.


Massive data collection by smart sensors and IoT platforms with predefined decision parameters enable farmers to foresee potential farming complications, allowing better decision-making in choosing follow-up measures.


With the help of automation, this IoT-based concept can help farmers to achieve better control over the processes involved in the agricultural cycle.


Due to better utilisation of resources with the application of smart agriculture solutions. Labour cost is also minimised as frequent human intervention is unnecessary.

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